A Blessing for Your Year – Showers of Grace


For the Blessing of a Tree

by Joan Campbell


May you know the blessing of a tree:

Rooted in the wholesome earth

Brimming with life and watered by showers of grace.

Drawing steadily and secretly on a deep source

For all that is needed to sustain you.


May you know the blessing of a tree:

Straining ever upwards to the sky.

Reaching heavenwards even on sun-stolen days.

Letting heaven’s light so transform you

That when night falls your very breath bestows life.


May you know the blessing of a tree:

Robed in a mantle of verdant splendour, yet

When winter’s frost shrivels what once bloomed

Waiting silently for summer’s new-spun garment

To rest again on your regal shoulders.


May you know the blessing of a tree:

Arms flung wide to nurture sanctuary-seekers.

Growing gently but steadily, ever true to the seed of you.

Letting every whisper of divine wind rustle joy to life within you

As your voice echoes in the forest’s chorus of praise.


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  1. Wow so beautiful Joan, thank you.

  2. Thank-you Joan, for sharing this deeply meaningful poem. I have read it several times. It has blessed me.

  3. Nicole Campbell

    This is so deep and poetic. I really love it ♡

  4. Thank you, Joan! I pray the blessings bestowed from your words flow back to you in abundance! Here’s to a year of abiding well with our Lord and Savior in 2017!

  5. Such a special blessing, Joan. Thank you! x

  6. I love your detailed observation of the tree and our hearts.

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