The Dreamer and the Stars

I love this poem written by my 14 year old daughter, Ashlyn. If you’ve followed my blog over the years, you will know that I sometimes write about Ashlyn’s journey with Asperger’s. However, you’ve never heard Ashlyn’s own voice, and I think it’s a rather beautiful one.

Ashlyn is my very first Guest Blogger–thanks for that Ash!


The Dreamer and the Stars


If I ever awake from this dream,

Put me high with the golden stars

And if I fall like a stone

Let me fall to the Dreamer’s land.


A dream, the endless galaxy parodied.

The limitless and the extraordinary

A song and a tale

The world in your hands.


The Dreamer, she sings and dances

She welcomes us day after day

“Where will we go?”

You decide. I live in your head

Not you in mine


No tick-tock, tick-tock

No fear and no pain

You can do anything!

So climb that high mountain

And swim that large sea.


I go to the Dreamer’s land

Where flowers are like the sun

And rivers are like the moon

Up I soar again

Me, the Dreamer and the stars.


Ashlyn Campbell, 2014


You can also read my poem about Ashlyn. It touches on some similar themes.



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  1. Beautiful Poem Asyln! You have a beautiful mind!

    Yes well said in those lines – climb that high mountain and swim that large sea – it is possible in our dreams

  2. Paula Hildebrand

    Wow, Ashlyn…truly lovely!

  3. Incredible Ashlyn!! Truly beautiful!!

  4. I love your poem Ashlyn…I would like to share it with my Grade 5 and 7 girls!

  5. Beautiful Ashlyn. I am so proud of you. Beautiful picture too

  6. Denise Erasmus

    Wow Ashlyn, you are so talented. What a beautiful poem — keep it up!

  7. Nicole Campbell

    I adore this poem! You are so talented and creative 🙂 Love you lots

  8. Brenda Slogrove

    I enjoyed reading your poem, Ash. A mathematician and a poet. You are very talented!

  9. Richard Crespo

    Ashlyn, it is beautiful! We often say “dream big” but you put it in such a profound way. Our expectations limit us to what we expect to happen, you challenge us to go beyond our expectations and dream of the “extrodinary” and “limitless” and, to “sing and dance.” Thank you!

  10. Wow Ashyln! What a great poem… your really can do anything.
    I am wondering if perhaps the Hobbit and company are hiding out there in Dreamer’s land 🙂

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