“Encounters” Book Launch & Trailer

book signing 3 smallMonths of work finally paid off, as Saturday saw the release of my book, ‘Encounters: Life Changing Moments with Jesus’. Any of you who has had the privilege of writing and publishing a book knows what a great, great moment that is.

The Book Launch

I wanted the launch to be a celebration, not only of the power of stories and books, but also of friendship. Many of the people who were attending the event had really drawn  alongside me on my writing journey, and I wanted to honour them for that. This, of course, required me to say a few words.

“The reason I love to write so much is that I’m all alone when I do it, and I don’t have to say a word.”

That was the opening line of my speech, although I did go on to say how my Nigerian friend, author Pusonnam Yiri, once pulled me aside at a training we attended, and told me rather sternly that writing and speaking go hand in hand so I would just have to do it whether I wanted to or not! Pusonnam will be proud to know that I made it through the speech (and even cracked a few jokes) before having to do the next thing I was dreading – signing books with witty little comments. Unfortunately, the wittiest line I could come up with was “Hope you enjoy this book.” I’m going to need some counsel on this one from those of you with a few more years of experience!

Go to my FB Author Page to see some Book Launch photos.

The Post Launch Buzz

The days after the book release were a buzz – with messages to answer, orders to take, articles to write and feedback and reviews to respond to (ok, that should really be singular –  I have one 5-star review on Amazon). One of the things I shared in my speech was my prayer that God use the books in lives He wants them used in. I saw Him answer this prayer a mere two days after the launch, when I attended a school meeting. There were almost no seats available when I arrived, but I finally found one near the back, next to a mom I don’t know all that well. She said, “Oh, someone showed me your book today. Where can I buy a copy?” Somehow I had the sense God had been keeping that seat open just for me!

Just in case you live so far away that even God would struggle to get us into a room together, you can buy ‘Encounters’ on Amazon (paperback or eBook) or Kalahari (eBook). If you’re in Jo’burg, you can get a copy directly from me ( with a witty ‘hope you enjoy this book’ and signature included).

The “Encounters” Book Trailer

It’s an auspicious day to release a trailer. The third Hobbit movie trailer comes out today at 8 pm, SA time (I know this snippet of trivial information because I live with the South African Hobbit expert). So, I do hope Peter Jackson doesn’t mind sharing some of the limelight as I release a trailer of my own. Here it is folks…

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  1. Adrie Zandbergen

    Nice trailer Joan. I ‘sold’ one book to Agapeland Nursery school, ( it was to the headmaster) BEFORE I mentioned that my daughter had written it.

  2. So special to share this event with you. Loved your reflection on this.

  3. Joan unfortunately I had to run so could not get a copy from you. I will get one but just wanted to say that listening to the one “chapter” was amazing. Your words make the situation so very real – I cannot wait to read the rest. I would prefer the hard copy though so will have to wait so that I can pick it up.
    Thank you for sharing your talents!

  4. So SO happy for you–will be purchasing my own copy! Congrats, Joan–it’s awesome when a gifted writer sees her work come to fruition.

  5. What a wonderful achievement! Congratulations, Joan!
    I would love to buy a copy of your book – please keep one aside for next time I see you. I love the trailer and the sample on Amazon – it all looks so beautiful…and inspiring.
    May our Lord bless your book and your writing, and use it to His glory.
    Congratulations again.
    With love, Caryl

  6. Thanks for inviting Issie and I to your book launch. We were truly blessed to be surrounded by your support group and a part of this special occasion. I pray that this experience has inspired you to continue writing.

  7. I was so sad that I couldn’t be at your launch :-(. I just love the trailer of your book though, can’t wait to get my hands on a copy – but I am going to insist that it is signed and has a personalised message :-)! I have already discussed the deal with you regarding your million dollar signature :-)….So proud of you.

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