Book Lovers—What are you Reading?

Most people who have stumbled onto my website are crazy about books and words. As someone with a similar affliction, I love being in the company of such people. So I started to think—what’s an ocean or two between friends? Couldn’t we still have interesting conversations about what we all love so much—books?

I was in a book club for a number of years, and I loved it. For one Saturday afternoon of a month, spouses and children were left behind and—huddling together over a good cup of coffee—we shared, debated and laughed over the books we had discovered in the last few weeks.

As much as I’ve enjoyed reading and reviewing books and posting these book reviews on my website, I’m missing that interaction with fellow book-junkies. So, I’m going to ask you all to do something. On the Contact page of this website, leave me a message and tell me what you’ve read recently and why you loved it. Maybe quote your favourite line or paragraph from the book. Tell me and my fellow bookish friends, why we should rush out and find a copy of it today.

When I have a couple of these comments, I’ll post them and we’ll really get the conversation going. So start brewing the coffee and come join the huddle. Along with discovering new books, you’ll be in the company of the most interesting people in the world—book lovers!

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  1. Hi Joan

    I really enjoyed The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. It is a autobiography and I loved her story and her style of writing. She writes about her interesting, heart breaking, crazy and inspiring childhood and wacky weird parents. I couldn’t put it down.

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