Life Changing Moments with Jesus

Encounters Book by Joan Campbell
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Genres: Biblical Fiction, Devotional, Prayers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet Jesus face to face?

This collection of stories is based on the lives of people who encountered Jesus during his time on earth. Since the stories are told through the eyes of these individuals, readers are transported right into the heart of familiar Bible scenes, to experience the person’s life-changing moment with Jesus in a wonderfully unique way. Each story is enhanced with a beautiful pencil sketch and ends with a reflection and prayer, inviting readers to draw into their own intimate moments with Jesus.

Come and take a journey back through time. Find yourself in ancient Israel, on the dusty road of a bustling village. The crowd begins to stir and you hear the excited murmur, “It’s the rabbi!” You see him now too, the one called Jesus. He pauses right where you are standing and – in that vast crowd – it’s your eyes he looks into. Feel the healing in his touch as he reaches out to you. Hear the love in his whispered words.

“Encounters’ is aimed at a Christian readership and is very useful as part of a daily quiet time.

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Stories & Reflections

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Have you believed because you have seen me?

“I’m leaving.” In the midst of the heated quarrel, I doubt they even hear the door closing behind me. I

But they did not recognise him…

Stepping into silence makes one realise how very noisy our outer and inner worlds are. At my church’s silent retreat on the day before Easter—with phones and voices muted—my thoughts

Could you not keep watch with me?

My lamp’s flame casts moving shadows on the familiar path leading to the olive grove. The sounds of Jerusalem’s Passover

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