Guardian of Ajalon

Guardian of Ajalon
$9.19 (Kindle) and $15.99 (Paperback)
Series: The Poison Tree Path Chronicles, Book 3
Genres: Dystopian, Fantasy
Publisher: Enclave Publishing
Publication Year: September 2018
Length: 320
ASIN: 1683700805

Shara finds herself on two journeys: one on the dangerous poison tree path; the other into the vivid world of the Old Tongue book. Queen Nyla, too, is on a journey to save her kingdom, but to do so she will need the help of the very assassins who hate her the most.

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About the Book

The poison tree path is Shara’s road home . . . if she and her companions can survive the journey. In the danger and darkness of the forest, her only respite is in the story unlocked in the Old Tongue book. In this vivid world, Shara finally discovers what she has longed for all her life: the key to the secrets of her past. Yet time is running out for Shara–and all of Tirragyl–as Lord Lucian, King Alexor, and the royal army attack the Guardian Grotto to claim the powerful Guardian Rock.

Unwilling to sit idly by as her kingdom is destroyed, Queen Nyla leaves her hiding place to recruit a most unlikely army–the Charab. But how can she win over the infamous assassins who have been oppressed by her family for generations?

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