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Journeys Book by Joan Campbell

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Step into the ancient world to discover adventure, courage and faith.

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Take a journey back through time. Bow at the throne of an enemy king. Flee to the dungeons after an attempt on your life. Stand on besieged city walls, gazing out at a brutal army. Be drawn into the world of spies and intrigue. Witness a dead man walking from his grave. Sit at Rabbi Yeshua’s feet as he tells you the secret to a life of greatness.

In these and other stories, readers encounter the lives of bible characters in a way they never have before – through the characters’ own eyes and words. Readers are transported into the heart of both familiar and not-so-familiar scenes to experience their unique journeys of faith. Each story ends with a reflection, prayer and meditative scriptures which invite readers to go deeper on their own journey with God. Chapters are beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist, Carrol Evans.

Book Details:

  • Audience: Christian Adults and Teens
  • Length: 123 pages
  • Genres: Bible Fiction / Devotional / Gift book
  • Published: 2019
  • ISBN: 978-0-620-85411-5
  • Retail Price: R140

“Joan’s depth of research is evident throughout this devotional, but so is her rich creativity as words flow off the pages and draw readers into the biblical narrative. I was moved deeply by Joan’s honest vulnerability and rich emotional experience of life that enables readers to apply these accounts to their own circumstances. It is clear that each application and prayer has first flowed through the author’s own life as she has journeyed through the biblical narratives. They will surely lead your heart to journey towards Christ as they did for me.”

Justin Tamlin – Lead Pastor of Ministries, Rosebank Union Church

Stories & Reflections

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Have you believed because you have seen me?

“I’m leaving.” In the midst of the heated quarrel, I doubt they even hear the door closing behind me. I

But they did not recognise him…

Stepping into silence makes one realise how very noisy our outer and inner worlds are. At my church’s silent retreat on the day before Easter—with phones and voices muted—my thoughts

Could you not keep watch with me?

My lamp’s flame casts moving shadows on the familiar path leading to the olive grove. The sounds of Jerusalem’s Passover

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