The Poison Tree Path Chronicles

Shara is a young woman with a dangerous secret. She has discovered a powerful Cerulean Dusk Dreamer — a rock which induces dreams that show both the past and the future. But will the rock help her discover the truth of who she is, or will its powers consume her?

Nicho is a lowborn Parashi, one who may not even look a highborn in the eye. Yet, he is quietly rebelling against his oppressors by teaching Parashi boys to read and write. If his insurgence is discovered, Nicho will face a fatal punishment—banishment to the Rif’Twine Forest to try to halt the deadly poison trees encroaching on Gwyndorr.

Nyla may just have been crowned Queen of Tirragyl, but that doesn’t mean she is safe. An ancient belief holds that she and her twin brother, Alexor, are half-souls and only at her death, will he become the great king he is destined to be. Nyla is learning to trust no-one…especially those closest to her.

Lohlyn is a simple handmaiden to the Queen…or so everyone thinks. It’s only when a knife flies from her hand to slay a charging wild animal that the questions and rumours begin. Who is this woman who can kill better than Tirragyl’s greatest warrior?

Elxa is a young man bound by the ancient curse of a vindictive king. Will he discover how to break free of its power before he has to kill again?

Step into alluring but dangerous Tirragyl, a world steadily being encroached on by the mystical Rif’Twine Forest. Here the Highborns hold all the wealth and power, while the Parashi Lowborns struggle to survive. None are more powerful than the royal heirs, but not even a crown can protect you from your enemies.

This fantasy trilogy is set in a dystopian world whose inhabitants are oppressed and blinded by deception. The three books follow the lives of several young characters as they struggle to break free of the enemies, lies and curses that would try to bind them and keep them from truth and freedom.


I have loved writing these books and can’t wait to share them with you. Book 1 of the Poison Tree Path Chronicles is due to be released by Enclave Publishing in July 2016.

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