A Season of Blessing: For Those who Grieve

How are we to respond to the loss, sorrow and grief that swirls around us right now?

I’ll be honest, I have often tried to shut out grief. When my father died at the end of 2018, I put on a ‘brave face’, trying to ignore the raw wound in my heart. I also have a tendency to shy away from other people’s grief, avoiding making calls or visiting a friend in the wake of a loss or tragedy. But this is not the vulnerable, courageous and engaged life God calls us to. Continue reading

Father’s Day without Dad

As Father’s Day approached this year—the first without my Dad—I found myself warily circling my emotions, sometimes backing away, sometimes drawing in closer to examine them. Facebook hasn’t helped with its perky little ‘memories’ that pop up every morning: three years ago we were all having coffee at Second Cup; a year ago, lunch at CCJ. Continue reading