A Season of Blessing: For the Day

I’ll be honest with you … I’ve feeling a little fragile today. My family is in flux. Everything feels fragile—jobs and studies and my children’s future. Over the last week or so, a heaviness has settled into me that is quite at odds with my generally upbeat outlook on life. The mood doesn’t lend itself to the writing of encouraging blog posts, especially not ones that seek to bring blessing to others. So, I’m cheating a little. Instead of writing a blessing, I’m sharing one written by my daughter Nicole in 2014, when she was in Grade 11 at school. These words lifted something in me today and my prayer is that they do the same for you. Continue reading

How to Stay Joyful During Lockdown

(Article written for Scripture Union,  April 2020)

How do we stay joyful during lockdown? Is it even right to feel joy when the Corona virus has brought such devastation, hardship and grief to so many people? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself ever since my daughter pointed out that the coming period is going to test our joy. I’ve turned to the Bible for answers, trying to uncover why it is important to maintain our joy in these uncertain times, and just how we can do it.

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(For more on the theme of JOY watch today’s RUC Lockdown Lookup Devotional)


The Missing Persons Report

investigation smallOfficer, it pains me to say this but I’m not exactly sure when or where I lost Joy. I can see the disbelief (and judgement) in your eyes, but let me say for the record that she’s always had an annoying tendency of hiding away for a few days at a time, usually when things get too clamorous or busy in my world. Inevitably, I find her again – usually in the garden, under the Tipuana tree, her small face lifted to the wind’s caress. But I’m worried because there hasn’t been a sign of her for some time now. Continue reading