Could this be us in Ten Years’ Time?

Inspiration comes from many sources. Sometimes it’s a book or a conversation with a friend. Sometimes it’s a sermon or a talk-show on the radio. Occasionally, it may even come from a blog. For me—this week—it came in the form of a movie.

“Hope Springs” is the story of a couple whose intimacy has slowly died over thirty-one years of marriage, to the point where they are living almost completely separate lives in the same home. Continue reading

Book Review of “The Re-Marriage Adventure”

I’ve watched my sister navigate the turbulent waters of a broken marriage and divorce, and struggle to set a new course for her life. Starting a new relationship, with step-children and ex’s in the mix, hasn’t been plain sailing, but this month she and her husband celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary and the contentment and joy are clearly evident in their lives. As challenging as a second marriage can be, it can also be a true blessing.

Preparing for a successful second marriage is the topic of Dale and Susan Mathis’ new book, “The Re-Marriage Adventure: Preparing for a Lifetime of Love & Happiness” (Focus on the Family). Continue reading