Meltdowns & Milestones

Since April is Autism Awareness month, I’m sharing a little of my daughter Ashlyn’s story.

On the day the headmaster walked the sixty-odd paces from his office to the pre-school, the first warning bells should have gone off in our heads. It wasn’t a route he walked all that often in his busy schedule, but that morning he set out to discover why the piercing screams he had been hearing for the last forty-five minutes weren’t stopping. The relentless little screamer turned out to be our four year old daughter Ashlyn and—although this may have been one of the first—it certainly was not the last of the meltdowns she would have at school. Continue reading

Guarding your Emotions as a Parent

As parents, we need to ensure that we focus on our own emotional wellbeing, even as we help our children through their struggles. This is the case for every parent of course, but it is that much more difficult to get right if your child has an illness or special need. The emotional strain that the disability or disease places on the entire family—particularly the primary care-giver—means that caring for your own emotional wellbeing becomes an even greater priority. Continue reading