The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt

Read Chapter Nine Part One here.


Chapter Nine Part Two

By Joan Campbell


“Grace!” The whisper startled me awake. It took a while to remember where I was.

“Sorry,” Constance stood with a torch at the foot of my bed. “But your grandmother asked me to take you somewhere. And she said it had to be at sunrise.”

“Sunrise?” My voice was groggy. “But it’s still dark.” Continue reading

The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt

Chapter One – Part One

By Joan Campbell


“Sign on the dotted line,” the Fedex man said in a bored voice as he handed me the box.

I scribbled my signature where his finger pointed and then turned my attention to the package. It was one of those flat-rate boxes, and very light, almost empty, but not quite. Definitely not the book I had ordered from Amazon, I thought with a measure of disappointment. Continue reading

Book Review of the “Life Lessons” Series

Occasionally somebody comes into our lives and leaves an indelible mark on it. We may not realise it at the time, but from that moment on we are different—better—than before. At its heart, this is what the “Life Lessons” series, compiled by Tracy Ruckman and Suzanne Williams, is all about. In these four books we read true stories of people who have played a part in shaping someone’s life, be they a parent, grandparent or teacher. Continue reading