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About Joan Campbell

South African Christian Author & Speaker

Author Joan Campbell

Have you ever wished you could step into the past? Or perhaps, step through a portal into a completely different world?

I have done just that.

I have stepped into the past. I’ve walked on ancient, dusty roads and trailed my fingers on rough walls that now lie in ruins. I’ve been swept along in a throng of women singing songs that have long since been forgotten. I’ve looked into the tender eyes of a man the history books declare great, and even the aloof eyes of one remembered solely for his treason.  

I have stepped through a portal into a world of danger and intrigue, where rocks are not what they seem, but rather channels of magic. I’ve followed a path through a forest so dark and dangerous that even the fragrance of flowers can lure you to your death. I’ve listened to the conspiratorial whispers of a ruler seeking to kill one closest to him, and stood on an eerily silent battle-field poised for the clash to come.

I’ve discovered these places through the power of my imagination, and—through the equally great power of words—I can take you to them too.

So, where would you like to go?

Joan Campbell - Soul Search
Journeys Book by Joan Campbell
Encounters Book by Joan Campbell

Step… back into time, through my books Soul Search, Encounters and Journeys.

Step… through a portal to another world, through my Poison Tree Path Chronicles trilogy.

Chains of Gwyndorr Book by Joan Campbell
Heirs of Tirragyl Book by Joan Campbell
Guardian of Ajalon Book by Joan Campbell

I am an author or—in my created world, where language is far more musical—a Word-Weaver, and I delight in these magic word-weavings that let me whisk you away even faster than stepping into an enchanted wardrobe.

But besides the delight I find in writing, there’s another reason I tell stories. I am a Christ-follower, and I believe he was the greatest story-teller of all time. His stories constantly pointed to a powerful king seeking to save what was his, and my stories do the same. His stories reached into the hearts of his hearers with truth, and in receiving this truth, their lives were transformed. I believe stories have the power to change hearts, and because of that all my books have echoes of Christ’s Grace-filled voice in them. Always, it is my hope that my stories can reach hearts and transform lives, as his did.

When I’m not word-weaving, you can bump into me in Johannesburg, walking my dog, playing tennis, drinking coffee with my friends or making music with my husband, Roy. I have two daughters, both finding their feet in adulthood, and I dedicated The Poison Tree Path Chronicles trilogy to them. One of them loved every word of the books. The other merely uses them to prop up her Marvel movie collection. I’m not holding it against her.


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