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Bible Study

This 8-week Study was first prepared for the Rosebank Union Church’s Community Groups, and then adapted for further use by individuals. Every chapter contains an Introduction, Historical Background, Scripture Readings and Questions designed not only to enhance understanding of the Scripture passage, but also to facilitate a personal encounter with Jesus.

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Each one of us is a creator. Our words become sentences and thoughts. Our pots simmer with stews of potatoes, tomatoes and aromatic herbs. Our meandering thoughts take us to far-flung, fantastical worlds.

If You are a Writer…

You’ll find valuable recorded webinars and other resources on the MAI Website.

The MAI ministry is an organisation that trains Christian writers and publishers across the world. In many countries less than 5 percent of Christian books available are penned by local authors. This means that readers struggle to find culturally relevant material that speaks to their hearts, minds and daily needs. To combat this deficiency, MAI equips men and women to create life-changing books and articles in their heart language.

Chat to me about how you can connect with the MAI family. I have found genuine friendship, support and encouragement in this community. The valuable feedback I received from a British publisher at LittWorld (MAI’s publishing conference) allowed me to polish my manuscript to the extent that it caught the attention of a publisher.

Stories & Reflections

From the Blog

Have you believed because you have seen me?

“I’m leaving.” In the midst of the heated quarrel, I doubt they even hear the door closing behind me. I

But they did not recognise him…

Stepping into silence makes one realise how very noisy our outer and inner worlds are. At my church’s silent retreat on the day before Easter—with phones and voices muted—my thoughts

Could you not keep watch with me?

My lamp’s flame casts moving shadows on the familiar path leading to the olive grove. The sounds of Jerusalem’s Passover

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