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Soul Search by Joan Campbell Book Cover

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Step into ancient Israel to walk amongst Jesus’s disciples. Sit in a vast crowd listening to the rabbi’s words of wisdom. Stand along a dusty road calling for him as he passes by. Gaze into his eyes as he asks a question that stirs the depths of your soul.

This collection of stories takes you into accounts of Jesus asking questions that are wise, challenging, and life-giving. Told through the eyes of individuals encountering Jesus, the stories invite fresh and insightful engagement with Scripture. Each illustrated chapter includes a contemplative prayer exercise, reflection, prayer, and Bible verses.

Chains of Gwyndorr Book by Joan Campbell

Trapped behind Gwyndorr’s towering walls, Shara longs to unlock the secrets that surround her. She believes the Cerulean Dusk Dreamer is the key. The power rock gives vivid dreams of the past and future but, as Shara discovers, it also has a dark side.

Heirs of Tirragyl Book by Joan Campbell

Since birth, Nyla has shared everything with her twin brother—royal tutors, the right to the throne of Tirragyl… even their soul. Many believe it wholly belongs to Alexor and should be returned to him regardless of the sacrifice—Nyla’s death.

Guardian of Ajalon Book by Joan Campbell

Shara finds herself on two journeys: one on the dangerous poison tree path; the other into the vivid world of the Old Tongue book. Queen Nyla, too, is on a journey to save her kingdom.

Journeys Book by Joan Campbell

Take a journey back through time. Bow at the throne of an enemy king. Flee to the dungeons after an attempt on your life. Stand on besieged city walls, gazing out at a brutal army. Be drawn into the world of spies and intrigue. Witness a dead man walking from his grave. Sit at Rabbi Yeshua’s feet as he tells you the secret to a life of greatness.

Encounters Book by Joan Campbell

Come and take a journey back through time. Find yourself in ancient Israel, on the dusty road of a bustling village. The crowd begins to stir and you hear the excited murmur, “It’s the rabbi!” You see him now too, the one called Jesus. He pauses right where you are standing and – in that vast crowd – it’s your eyes he looks into. Feel the healing in his touch as he reaches out to you. Hear the love in his whispered words.

“I appreciate the freshness of Joan’s writing, her creative yet sound approach to Scripture, her accessibility to readers from different denominational backgrounds, her ability to keep one foot in the bible and the other in daily life. Above all, there is her love for God that shines through her words and into our hearts and minds as we read them.”

Trevor Hudson – Minister, Author & Speaker

Legends Of The Loreteller Cover

“Here are written the legends of Hwynn, the Loreteller. They are not mere fables. They are our past and the shape of all we will become.”

In Tirragyl history is kept alive through the tales of the loretellers. Hwynn, too old to travel the roads and spin his tales, tells them one last time to the scribe by his side. He speaks of Kharin, who sacrificed herself for her people and of Truan—her beloved—who could not forget her. His tales take us deep into Tirragyl’s mountains in search of Power Rocks.

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