How to Stay Joyful During Lockdown

(Article written for Scripture Union,  April 2020)

How do we stay joyful during lockdown? Is it even right to feel joy when the Corona virus has brought such devastation, hardship and grief to so many people? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself ever since my daughter pointed out that the coming period is going to test our joy. I’ve turned to the Bible for answers, trying to uncover why it is important to maintain our joy in these uncertain times, and just how we can do it.

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(For more on the theme of JOY watch today’s RUC Lockdown Lookup Devotional)


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  1. ” (Matthew 6:26-27). Jesus loved nature and drew deep spiritual lessons from it, and by paying attention, we can do the same. Paul wrote this blessing to the Romans, and I’d like to leave it with you as a prayer for your lockdown lives. It’s a reminder that the way to stay joyful during lockdown is to stay anchored to God, trusting Him fully with your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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