Recently I met a truly wise woman of God. We were at a Writer’s Conference and she was facilitating the Poetry track. As this was not my group I had little reason to interact with her. Every morning, however, Heather would read a reflection, her soft Irish accent breathing life into the beautiful slow words, lifting them up to dance, and touch my soul.

Early on the last morning of the conference I came across Heather bent over her preparation notes. She smiled as she saw me and asked if I had enjoyed the conference. Soon we were deep in conversation. She listened carefully, answered thoughtfully and shared—with more than just words—of herself. What a precious moment when I apologized for interrupting her preparation time and she said (with a smile that made me know she meant it): “Oh, but what a lovely interruption it was!”

Heather may very well have forgotten this brief encounter, but for me it was very significant. I learnt that small interactions can touch one deeply. I am driven by plans and time and am not sure that—if I had been the one doing the preparation—I would have been as gracious as Heather. If it had been me, I may merely have said a polite ‘hello’ and then put my head down in a clear and loud ‘don’t interrupt me now’ kind of way.

But I wonder how many less lives I touch by shutting out the interruptions?

Jesus, too, allowed interruptions to change his plans. He was never too busy to touch—or be touched—by another.