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  • Why do you call me good?

Why Do You Call Me Good?

Oct 15th, 2020|Blog|

“I’d like to speak to the rabbi,” I say, with only a slight tremor in my voice.By all accounts, this rabbi’s teachings are wise and his miracles, spectacular. Some even

  • south-africa-heritage-day-celebration

Heritage Day Reflections

Sep 24th, 2020|Blog|

Today, we celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa. It’s a day to both honour the rich cultural diversity of our nation, and to consider and celebrate the family and

  • boat-ocean-storm

Why are you so afraid?

Aug 13th, 2020|Blog|

I watch the sun dropping down to the hills and the shadows lengthening. Clouds on the horizon catch the orange and red tones of the setting sun. A small

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